2016 Custom figure, Head & Resin bits sale!!!

Been quiet around here for a few months and while that was going on, I was running myself ragged with my day job, trying to keep the background projects in the works on track, be a father, husband and also see my immediate family. So I have been a bit distant from here.

I am planning to change that soon when this other project becomes fully finished, but more about the purpose of this entry:

In the next day or so, I'll be putting up for sale some old 2013 Era Resin Ston'emm Lil'grinds, parts for Ston'emms & maybe a figure or two. In addition to that, I will be putting up and selling some Hand-Sculpted 100% original Head Sculpts of mine for all of you nice folks to buy.

Photos showing what will be offered should go up tonight or early tomorrow but remember: most of these bits are only one or two of a kind, so if you see something you want head to the store quick.

Most of my hand-sculpted heads were sculpted onto Glyos parts so all of them should be fully compatible with any glyos toys.



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