Alien Mercenaries Return starts...NOW!

I had not planned on revisiting these stories anytime soon, mainly as so much time had passed I could not figure out how to progress the story. Especially since I had taken the team on other adventures after Season 2 went on permanent hiatus after only 10 episodes.

A had plans for season 2 beyond that, but just got caught up with moving, writers block and life in general. I also realized that while Greh'eck is a great character, the 4 'mercs really play well off of one another. And 11 episodes with Greh'eck as the lead and him essentially becoming a bad-ass just did not sit well with me.

That's not who Greh'eck is. He is a goofball, childlike in his innocence at times to the world around him but always has your back when things get rough. After surviving a near death car accident in December 2017, having my wife hospitalized 5 times between March 31st and May 14th, my father diagnosed with cancer & our land lords selling the house forcing us to have to move in less then 2 months, I needed that Greh'eck back. I needed all these characters back in my life again. 

And so, with that, I hope you will join me on this story I am going to tell. It will be full of action, jokes, danger, drama and the occasional fourth wall breaks (because Greh'eck is good like that). Everything ties into our previous comics, 34 episodes at last count ("Alien Mercenaries VS The Canne'boids" is episode 34 continuity wise), which should be conveniently located in the Alien Mercenaries section at the top of our site.

Welcome back boys, I have missed you.

(Oh and HERE is the quick link right to the 1st episode and HERE is the link to the 1st episode of Alien Mercenaries Season 1)


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Alien Mercenaries Return starts

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