Alien 'Mercs Monday continues with a Lost Episode from Season Two!!

This week while I prepare to shoot the BIG fight scene for Alien Mercenaries Return Episode 5, I am putting up a small 7-panel episode that I litterally just found about a week or two ago.

When I do photo shoots for Alien Mercenaries episodes, I take as many shots as I can because I never know which angles will look best or allow for the placment of dialgoue bubbles without blocking the characters. This means I may shoot 30 pictures for an episode and only use 15 or so. It all varies depending on the pacing of the story and such.

For one of the last few episodes from Season Two, there were a few scenes depicting what happened to the character called 'Gorrrg the Hunter' after the events of episode 29, but I never did anything with them and completely forgot I even shot them. 

So, after having 4 episodes of Alien Mercenaries Return in the bag, I thought that these would make a good tail-ender episode for Season Two and maybe help bridge the gap between the 8 years of time that has passed in the Alien Mercs lives. Check it out HERE and be sure to le me know what you think!


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