Blast from the Past: 2011 Canne'boids release!

Hard to beleive that 7 years ago I had my very first resin Glyos compatible toy release. On August th 2011 eighteen Canne'boids (10 Black and 8 Blue) went up for sale and I had a near sell out by the end of the weekend.

Matt Doughty gave me the idea to include unique hand sculpted parts with each 'boid as no one had or was doing that at the time. I am glad I listened to his suggestion as they were loads of fun to create. 

There has been a new gallery added that shows all 18 Canne'boids along with brief text to explain some of the sculpted bits. Check it out below:

I have been going through my archive of photos due to Photobucket going off the deep end (with ads and other insanity apparently), and extracting everything. Stay tuned to more Blasts from the Past as I uncover more forgotten stuff I created.


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I am so excited to read to hear about this Canne'boids release. check this out I like Canne'boids very much and it is one of my favorite animated characters also. I hope you will add some extra interesting features to this release and your post makes me more excited.

Include unique

include unique hand-sculpted parts with each 'boid as no one had or was doing that at the time. I am glad I listened to his suggestion as they were loads of fun to create. Enjoy your time with happy wheels free game!

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I am eager to read about this

I am eager to read about this Canne'boids release. Canne'boids one of my favorite animated characters also.


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