Character Bios: Comm Grott and the Prutarran Criminal Catchers!!!

As per the request of one of our readers (Hi Jason!!!), I have taken the steps to writing and uploading biographies on the characters in the Alien Mercenaries and Comm. Grott and the Prutarran Criminal Catchers photo comics.

After Part 3 of Ambush on Mt Nuhoopshar went live yesterday, I figured a good way to start this ball rolling would be with Bios for the characters who took centerstage in these first 3 episodes.

Goons of Crime Boss Ol'fogee

Name: Ol'fohgee(“ol-foe-gi”)

Role: Criminal Mastermind

Race: Slaurian

Bio: One of the greatest criminal minds on 6 worlds Ol'fohgee has been impossible to capture in the entire 50+ years of his thieving career. Always one step ahead of the P.C.C., he seems to always have a back-up plan with several different escape routes waiting. Keeps several dozen skilled criminals in his employ for when doing routine jobs, but often hires out to avoid tipping the P.C.C. to his involvement. Left eye was lost in a deal gone bad in his younger days before his rise to power; never had it healed and he keeps the scar as a reminder that nothing ever goes according to plan. Arch-nemesis to Comm. Grott who he greatly desires to see dead before old age claims his life. 

Abilities/Weapons: After loosing his eye years ago, he had it replaced with a Ston'emm crystal orb. Enchanted with ancient Ston'emm Crystal Mystic magic, this orb allows Ol'fohgee to see dangerous events minutes before they happen. This is what has allowed him to constantly escspe custody over the years. He rarely sullies his hands with physical altercations anymore, but is proficient in the use of several dozen melee weapons and carries a small-gauge blaster pistol for self defense when needed. As he has gotten on in years, Sy'likk becomes his weapon of choice and main method of defense.

Name: Sy'lkk (“sigh-lick”)

Role: Bodyguard and Strongman to Ol'fohgee

Race: Newtionn

Bio: No one is more trusted in Ol'fohgee's organization then his personal bodyguard, Sy'lkk. Over the last 40 years, he's always been there to break legs, guard Ol'fohgee and make sure the other criminals in the group aren't trying anything sneaky. His reputation is known to many crooks and con-men, so few ever try to cross him; those that do aren't alive for very long. Sy'lkk seldomly speaks and shows even less emotion, making it incredibly hard for anyone to figure out what he'll do next.

Abilities/Weapons: Sy'lkk is at home on the land or in the water and possesses amazing regenerative abilities second only to those of the reptorrid race (see "Snee'grak"). In addition, Sy'lkk can hold his breath for several hours in salt water or breathe with gills while in fresh water. Vision while underwater is also excellent, enabling him to see for several hundred feet even in the murkiest water. Physical strength and endurance is exceptional as well, enabling him to lift several tons easily; the P.C.C. have often removed small ground transport vehicles from the bodies of his victims, who were pinned to the wall of a building. Skilled in the use of most blasters but prefers to wield heavy artillery. Has small aqua-jets in his boots, enabling him to move through water with ease.

Name: Rayde'onn ("Ray-D-On")

Role: Mercenary

Race: Cosmonoid

Bio: Rayde'onn has worked for many different crime bosses over the years, but prefers to be self-employed and just hire out his services. If people can meet his price (and he finds the job interesting enough) he'll take it. Quiet & without compassion, he is not one to be trusted unless being paid. Whenever he is on a job however, he is all business. Double cross him, and you'll not live long enough to regret it. Is wanted for multiple assassinations on Pru'tarr, specificially of key government officials. Recently captured by Commander Grott and was onboard the ship when it went missing.

Abilities/Weapons: Like all Cosmonoids, Rayde'onn possesses energy generation powers that enable him to project blasts of concussive energy from his eyes or hands. He weilds an arm blaster weapon that was specially customized for him to channel and enhance these energy blasts. With this weapon equiped, he can hit targets up to 3 miles away with pin-point accuracy or blast holes through even the most thick/dense metal alloys. The specially customized armor he wears is also designed to take advantage of his powers enabling him to generate small energy shields and fly via channeling his energy through the conduits in his boots. 


Name: N'erjakk (“n-ur-jack”)

Role: Energy Generating Being with the Power of a Star.

Race: Beaturkian

Bio: Working on asteroids has it's risks but what happened to the individual called N'erjakk was unique amongst them. Encountering a deposit of energy crystals while a solar flare erupted nearby resulted in N'erjakk getting bombarded by solar radiation. This flare reacted with the crystals and bestowed upon him the ability to generate untold levels of energy equal to a star. He recovered quickly but all the power affected his sanity. With abilities like this, any desire or want could be easily achieved. This started him on his criminal path where he was noticed by Ol'fogee and hired to work in his organization. N'erjakk could easily take over but he lacks the motivation, intelligence or guile to be a leader and has much more 'fun' unleashing his powers on unsuspecting people.

Abilities/Weapons: N'erjakk possesses a quantity of energy inside his cells that are equal to that of a star. This bio-energy can be discharged from his body in the form of energy bursts, blast radius explosions, or shape it into various melee weapons. Any weapons that fire blasts of energy or laser beams can be deflected or absorbed by him, however he has to be focused on the attack to do so. Despite having untold power, he is still a novice at wielding it and has not reached his true potential yet. 

Name: Oynk'kurr ("oink-cur")

Role: Thug/Muscle for Hire

Race: Peeg Ani-M.A.U.L.; Behemoth breed

Bio: A peeg ani-M.A.U.L. who discovered a treasure-trove of ancient advanced weaponry and used it to turn himself into the number one robber in his region. Most other Ani-M.A.U.L.s who fought him lost horribly and immediately regretted their foolish decision. While on one of his most recent raids he discovered a lost inter-planetary escape pod (one of hundreds used centuries ago by the original inhabitants of the planet) and returned to his hideout with it. After managing to get it operational again he used it to escape the planet's dangerous asteroid field and enter the rest of the universe. Illegally landing in the middle of a spaceport he was 'accosted' by several Prutarran Peacekeeper Force soldiers causing a huge fight to break out. He avoided capture and is currently on the run, hitting any outposts he can for objects of value. Not a very trustworthy individual who should be avoided as often as possible.

Abilities/Weapons: As a Behemoth Peeg he is incredibly strong and can lift one (1) ton up over his head and drag or push about three (3) tons with minimal effort. His skull is extremely thick and direct hits from objects delivering 20 lbs. of force barely phase him. The battle armor he wears is centuries old and protects him from intense heat, freezing temperatures and electrical shocks. Mounted on his back is a large pulse cannon that can be linked up to the gauntlet on his right wrist to aim where his hand points to or, to a eye-piece that was misplaced inside his space craft. This cannon can also be programed to fire at any moving targets within range or to fire on any targets he is shooting at with other weaponry. On his left hand is another pulse cannon that is less powerful but, is still effective at a greater distance then his shoulder cannon. He has since lost this weapon and prefers to wield a hand-held weapon instead. A bladed weapon that he carries is one of several melee weapons that he's pilfered from various sources over the years and he's very skilled with it.

Name: Cybernetic Organic Being- L Series ("C.O.B.-L")
Role: Thug for Hire
Race: Misc.

Bio: Created as part of a program to extend the lifespan of beings through cybernetic and organic augmentation, C.O.B.-L was the 12th and only successful test subject. A raving lunatic of a creature, he cares little for the well being of others and sees them as potential spare parts.

Abilities/Weapons: The C.O.B.-L unit can utilize parts with both organic and synthetic origins. Nanites that cluster in his robotic skull are what makes this chop-and-swap cyborg possible. When a new limb is aquired, they scuttle out and make the connections on a molecular level to ensure the new part works just as well as any other creature's. The organic bits will deteriate over time so C.O.B.-L needs to replace them frequently...not that he ever has a lack of stock to pick from.

P.C.C. Characters

Name: Commander Grott ("Grot")

Role: Prutarran Criminal Catcher Leader

Race: So'hatian

Bio: Comm. Grott does not have an amazing story like so many other beings out in the galaxy. Life for Grott was content and uneventful. Then one day a group of Prutarrans came to his town. As part of a program to help inter-planetary relations, Ce'brorr was going to different worlds to gather the most capable individuals for his newest project: The Prutarran Criminal Catchers. This unit, staffed with the best of the best from several planets, would scour the galaxy for criminals of their homeworlds, capture them and increase the safety of everyone. Numerous individuals took the test which led Grott to take it aswell and to his shock he scored higher then anyone on his planet. Ce'brorr and the other Prutarrans were amazed and offered him a command position right away. Grott politely declined as he was content with his lot in life and had no desire to travel the spaceways. Later that night there was a robbery in a town adjacent to his and the theives drove through his town destroying countless homes, businesses as well as injuring people along the way. They were in Ol'fogee's employ and that gave Grott the motivation he needed to accept the command position and make sure Ol'fogee and his goons were brought to justice.

Abilities/Weapons: Grott has a large Gobon blaster based arm cannon that can fire slowly, but large bursts of green energy. The blaster can also fire stun bursts to knock target's unconscious.


Name: Rdd'rum ("red-rum")

Role: Ranged Weapons Expert & Marksman

Race: Wahrwahzian ("war-wah-zee-an")

Bio: A member of the same secret Prutarran military group with Commander Grott. Is an expert marksman with most long-range weapons and quickly moved up the ranks due to his skills. Doesn't talk very much, except to Commander Grott and other superiors. The rest of the members in his unit think he's psychotic and tend to keep out of the way of his cross-hairs when on the field. Grott utilizes him during most missions when they need to take down a target quickly. He tends to get a bit over zealous and uses way too much firepower for simple targets, but he seems to listen to Grott when told to take it easy.

Abilities/Weapons: His energy rifle is outfitted with a few different types of ammo; energy bursts (explosive, or narrowed to beam for pin-point sniper shots), stun bolts (renders target unconscious for several hours) a flash pulse (bright flash temporarily blinds target on impact) and energy bands (wrap around a target and restrain them). Is also outfitted with a jump-pack to leap in 25 ft bounds to get to different parts of the battlefield quicker.


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