The Great GLYOS PURGE of 2016 has begun...

In the meantime while we wait for more unique creations and projects to complete, we heard at Bah'glenn Creations are having a GIANT Glyos Collection Purge. Between my wife Beth & I, we've been collecting this line since 2008 and that was just a 8 months after Onell Design created their Glyos toys and began selling them. 

Now we're not giving up on Glyos or dropping the line completely, far from it. But over the years we've amassed such a large amount of Glyos figures, Phase Arms, Misc. Parts and other odds and ends that we don't know what to do with it all.

Back in the early days, Matt & Co. did not have a Buildstation full of figures specifically for use as custom creation fodder like they do today. For example, if you wanted to make a custom guy in Rothan Green, you had to hunt down multiple figures on the after market or buy up a ton on drop night for future use. Building with Glyos was like coloring with Crayons: the more you have, the more options you get, so having every color you can on hand for building became the norm. Plus, if that figure you just stole his arms & thighs from was a unique figure, you didn't need the head so it got put into the parts box. After doing this for a get A LOT of extra bits in there.

So, starting tonight (or today depending on when you read this as there is a Glyos drop happening tonight. GO! Check it out! There are NINJAS!!) I've put up a bunch of figures for sale. In the coming days you'll be seeing lots of misc. parts sold by the color so it just gets outta my house! Check back frequently as I'll be posting stuff as I re-assemble figures and re-build alot of the ones I can. If there are specific parts you need or are looking for, send me a e-mail or message and I will see what we have.


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