Juggermytes, Bruggades & Warr'gin Oh my! (Part 2)

Okay, here we go Part 2:

After I sculpted the 1st version of the Warr'gin, I showed it to Matt Doughty and DoctorKent for opinions. They both thought it was cool, but needed to have the sculpt tightened up a bit. Doc had asked what psiology the race was supposed to be; was the head a helmet/mask or it's face? This gave me an idea to sculpt it as an alien creature with cybernetic augmentations.

June 30th Warr'gin Sketches

Warr'gin Sketches July 5th and 7th 2012

This led way to the following sculpt, with new arms a new head and a new foot:

Warr'gin v2: Organic Cyborg

After showing it again to Doc & Matt, they both still thought it was cool, but needed work. This was when DoctorKent said the arms looked like rocks, kinda like the Thing from the Fantastic Four and it's what set the ball rolling for the Ston'emm getting made.

This sculpt was the new revision, a new more robotic head & a new narrower boot.

Warr'gin v3: Armored Cyborg

So this looked good, I liked the head, the boot and the arms all worked well together. But, now it looked less like my original drawings which isn't what I wanted. So I set to trying to figure out a design to make a fully 100% original sculpt all around.

Warr'gin v4

Now with v4 I completely left out the organic aspect of them and went full-on mechanical. These were going to be robots, pure and simple. Then, later that night I had a vision of a new design for them in a dream and when I woke up, I scribbled it out like a madman in my idea book.

Warr'gin v5 Sketch

Then, I used it as a guide to make a more refined drawing.

Warr'gin v5 Colored Sketch

Now...these did not seem like a good fit for the name "Warr'gin" anymore. They were robot warriors yes, but I wanted a different name for them. Plus, since Andrew and I stopped working together on the project, I didn't want to use anything he came up with; I wanted to try coming up with a name on my own. I came up with 13 different names and none of them fit. It was the 14th name, a name I'd touched on back in the beginning: the "Bruh'guh", now without the 'Z' at the end. This new name really seemed to fit the look more and the organic cyborg race idea was completely abandoned.

But, like all projects, I didn't have time to work on both of them, so I focused more on the Ston'emm seeing the light of day and the prototype Warr'gin/Bruh'guh parts and drawings got shelved. The Ston'emm came out shortly after, you all liked them, I made other Ston'emm things & the rest is history...but that sketch I did of a Bruh'guh (then called a Bruggade) holding a gun still kept gnawing at my head.

That design still wanted to come out, my subconscious didn't want to forget about it. So, just a few days ago, I sat down & re-drew that Bruggade drawing from June 16th 2012 into this....

Bruh'guh/Warr'gin v6

THIS...now THIS was more like it! This was the Warr'gin/Juggermyte/Bruh'guh robotic race I wanted to create back in 2012. I finally managed to nail the design...but now I just need to sculpt it. I might be able to do it more accurately then I could years ago, so we'll just have to wait and see what I can pull out of my magic hat. ;-)

That brings us to those un-used prototypes. The v2 and v3 Warr'gin sculpts are cool, and even the v1 Sculpt you guys seem to like. So, as I also think these are fun designs and want to give you all the option to play with them, I'm in talks with someone to help get them cast. So I'll keep you all in the loop on what they will be called, what they'll cost (probably sell them as parts so you all can build little armies cheaper) & when they'll be available. Ideally I'd like to work light-piping into their heads, but I need to see what is feasible.

As usual, don't hesitate to comment and let me know what you'd like to see with these designs. 8)



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