Juggermytes, Bruggades & Warr'gin Oh my!

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It was December 2011. My then girlfriend, now wife, Beth & I were visiting with Matt Doughty up at his home in Massachusetts for the weekend. While his wife Michelle & Beth talked Matt & I spent time in his art studio in the upper part of his home. 

While I sculpted, he drew some studies of the Canne'boid I created as well as created the Hybrid Canne'boid (basically a 'boid that absorbed Traveler DNA) and some very cool pieces of artwork of my characters that I'll cherish forever. In addition to being a creative powerhouse, Matt is also a huge toy collector and his collection is everywhere in his studio. While looking next to his desk I saw a carded figure from this old Fisher Price line "Husky Helpers", but it was one I never saw before. He informed me it was an Astronaut from the same toyline but they were only sold on blister cards, no other space-theemed sets we're ever made. Here's a picture:
Fisher Price 'Husky Helpers' Astronaut

I don't know what it was about that chunky little space man, but it just drove me nuts. Maybe it was the helmet, maybe it was the colors, maybe it was the size: I don't know for sure. Whatever the reason, I started drawing these small, robotic space figures called "Juggermytes". Their design would use just x1 Gobon ball to build so people could finally have a use for all their extra Gobon balls. The first Juggermyte drawing I drew is dated 1/17/2012, and it looked different then what is seen below. I did make a revision to the head & that's where the following drawings come from.

Here's a scan from my idea notebook back in 2012:

But this was just the start of it all. My brain became obsessed with this design, so I kept drawing and re-drawing it to make it better.

I toyed with making it a 100% unique sculpt briefly, but you can read in my notes where I decided to use the Glyos Hubset instead of a Gobon Ball. They were better then using Buildman figures as a Hubset had all sockets where arms & feet could attach. 

Inspiration would strike at any time & you can see a Wendy's receipt became a canvas to draw on.  

 I always carry one of those Red/Green/Blue/Black pens for drawing, so that's why it's colored the way it is. Also, this way I could see which parts were which.

This was another drawing I did to give it a more action-pose to help figure out what it was supposed to look like. At this point, the name of the race had changed from being called the Juggermytes to the "Bruggade".

Bruggade Warrior Action Drawing

Their name would later change yet again and became the "Warr'gin", played off the words "War Engine". My friend Andrew Fushetti (the same guy who helped build the Canne'boids packaging back in 2011) hopped on board the project briefly and the Warr'gin name was his contribution (he also suggested another name, the "Small'ens" but that name didn't fit right). Additionally, he & I wrote up a little Warr'gin marching song:

"We are mighty, we are small,
but when we are many, our foes will fall!
No warriors too great, no fortress is too tall,
We the Warr'gin will conquer all!

Kinda going for that "Where there's a whip there's way!" type of marching song sung by the Orcs in the animated 'Return of the King' movie vibe. Andrew & I stopped working together, and the name Warr'gin didn't feel quite right still, so the name, the song & Andrew all got dropped from the figures.

Here are some photos of an original Juggermyte/Bruggade/Warr'gin sculpt alongside some Glyos toys for scale. Originally, to get the proportions right, I cut out feet, arms & a head in cardstock to make sure the size felt right and also to help me see how to sculpt it best.

Warr'gin with Glyan & Comm. Sulkren

Warr'gin & Comm. Sulkren ready for battle!

Warr'gin tackles the Glyan?!

The Warr'gin even changed from small robotic aliens to organic cyborg aliens and then left the name "Warr'gin" behind and becoming the "Bruh'guh". To reflect this, I had sculpted new parts and a new head with a scaley face. Here you can see a photo of the progression from cardstock, to Warr'gin sculpt, to Bruh'guh cyborg.

Warr'gin v2, Warr'gin v1 & Warr'gin Cardstock Mock-Up

That's all for today, but in Part 2 I will show you more Warr'gin/Bruh'guh drawings, pictures of sculpts and how the designs that inspired the Bruh'guh armor turned back into their own race. Thanks for reading/listening gang! :-D



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