The next Savage Swamps figure is here...

The newest release for the Warriors of Slauria: Savage Swamps line is here!

After a 6 year absense in resin form and sparse hand-sculpted releases, the Canne'boids are back!! Unlike their 2011 counterparts, these 'boids are a bit bigger, feature light-piping, new head sculpts and brand new arms & legs!

More info will be revealed as we lead up to the release but enjoy these two samples of our Standard Blue Skin Canne'boid and our Purple Skin Canne'boid! 



They look really good Chris!

They look really good Chris!


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My coworker used

My coworker used marble contact paper on her desktop and I walked in thinking they upgraded to fine masonry over the weekend because it looked so real...I’m thinking of going carbon fiber on mine.

Warriors of Slauria

Awesomeness personified! Yes, The warriors is super small, but warriors is supposed to be small and cute. Learn more about warriors, expert coursework writing best and cool accessories including weapons and the trunk! Niece and nephew love it!

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