Our latest Drop was a success! Our thanks go out to all of you!

Hey gang!

Thanks again for those who've participated in our August release! We did well and there even are some Ston'emms left in stock for those who might have missed out. Also: orders from this past release have begun shipping, so check your inboxes for invoices. We ran into a few bumps along the way but they're all ironed out now. Hopefully the plans we're putting into effect now will reduce the likelyhood of this situation happening again. 

Our next release is looking to be tentatively at 8pm EST time on Friday, September 13th. This will be a more offfical release of the Rokk'pot Ston'emm figure in larger numbers. There's 3 colorways planned, as we get closer to the sale date we'll be revealing what those colorways are and also a few surprised we have in store (no pun intended). We have alot on deck for NYCC too, so if you like Ston'emms you'll be in luck!

Thanks again for everything, we appreciate your business & patience with us when life throws us a few curve balls. You all are the best.




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