Spotlight: Cthu'drahl the Earth Ravager & Gnarrlsh the Pincer

Here is the latest batch of sneak peeks from tonight's release!

Cthu'drahl the Earth Ravager 

This one is an homage to Tendril from 'The Inhumanoids', Cthulhu & the Mind-Flayers/Ilithids from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. This one is pretty beefy with huge twin-tentacled arms, a forked tail and peering eyes. I used neon orange fabric to make his eyes and let me tell you, at night those eyes even freak ME out.

Making the head took a little time but the finished result worked like a charm & was spot-on to what I imagined it to be.

There is a pocket at the top of the back allowing you to place another toy in there. Is that toy controlling Cthu'drahl, or merely along for the ride? You decide! Also, his tentacles are weighted with plastic beanies giving them some nice heft for smacking down other toys in your collection.

Gnarrlsh the Pincer

This one went through a few renovations before landing on a solid look. The early picture below of the parts laid out had a blue face amidst all the pink fur, but I did not care for that look.

Shortly after I decided to make the whole torso/body the head and had a nose, eyes and mouth in the fur, but it still did not look right.

I then took the abovd eyes off, removed the eyelids and added pupils, new eyelids and a backing to attach them to. This looked 10 times better and I was so happy I made the change to it.

I also wanted this plushie to look like it had been through the ringer, so it has a pink patch sewn into it's back and a patch to attach it's tail after it had been ripped off at one point.

Only a few hours until the release, keep your eyes peeled here for when the store goes live!



Here is the latest batch of sneak peeks that is to be going to release tonight. Hostsailor I am, waiting for the release. I am a great fan of them. Thank you so much for sharing this. Keep sharing.

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