Ston'emm Gallery Updated!!!

Alright, this week is all about being productive with updates and all that good stuff.

First, we've began uploading pictures of all the Ston'emm figures from the NYCC 2012 release. There were quite a few ston'emm sold and traded during that show so alot of them got scooped up super-quickly, I think I only left the show with 3 or 4 of them.

In addition to the photos, which are located in the Galleries section of this website, are full Bios for every ston'emm pictured. The original plan as to include fully colored Bio Cards with each figure released, but that was an incredible ambitious project that I didn't allow enough time to complete properly. If you have a Ston'emm and look at the back of it's header card the name, role and number are written down so that at some point I could allow people to read the bios their figures were supposed to have.

We're uploading the photos in chunks along with their bios as not every ston'emm received a individual photo of themselves, so some pictures are litterally taken from the Alien Mercenaries Fall Special #2 (still available for sale in our store btw!) .

Stay tuned as always for more news as it develops. 



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