The Ston'emm Rock Quarry

As many people might not know what this is all about, I will just jump right into it: The Ston'emm Rock Quarry is good to go for Monday July 6th!!!

All the parts have been sorted, priced, photographed & had entires made for them in our store. There is quite a bit of misc. stuff to rummage through so if you're looking for some new-to-you Ston'emm products, this might fit the bill for you.

There are Lil'grinds, Ston'emm heads, Light-Piped Eyes in different colors and even a few Canne'boid heads leftover from the early days of 2012. Everything is priced to move, so get in while the getting's good as odds are most of these colorways won't be seen again in the future.


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