Store Update for Friday November 4th

Just a little tease of what I'll be putting up in an hour or so, just some random Glyos compatible Sculpted Heads, Ston'emm bits & even some Canne'boid figures (all with hand sculpted parts & furry bodies).

Check back soon to see what's available!


FANTASTIC! I've been waiting

FANTASTIC! I've been waiting for some more 'Boid goodness!

I really love making

I really love making Canne'boids, they litterally can be any kind of monster and they are a blast to sculpt. Store is live now, and there should be 3 Custom 'boids up for sale, I have a few others that were due for the sale but I ran into a couple of blocks and had to hold them over for the next release.

We are waiting to see your

We are waiting to see your store after doing all the updates that you want to happen. Best CBD Creams for Pain Relief We are sure that after all these works your store gonna look awesome. I am ready to purchase some items from there.

Store update has been shared

Store update has been shared and displayed on this blog page. The update is given for the month of November on Friday but the cv store provides all types of writing work. Things are explained in a very detailed manner on this blog page. Keep sharing more posts like that with us.

I have seen many of your

I have seen many of your works and this one liked it very much. click for source It could see some difference in it and is very cute. I like to buy one for you. Is it possible for me? Please let me know about it.


At first, I thought that they are jellies and gummies. They’re actually looking like jellies too. But when I close to watch to these products it seems to understand that they are miniature toys made cannabis extraction methods up of clay and wax

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It was so nice to see the

It was so nice to see the details regarding the toys you have shared here. What kind of toys was this? This article belongs to the store updates for Friday november. The store is really live and it have Magicard 600 some random Glyos compatible Sculpted Heads, Ston'emm bits & even some Canne'boid figures. I am looking here for more updates on that.

On 4th November, I will

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I hope that you continue to

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Wow!! It's really interesting

Wow!! It's really interesting to see the details regarding this store update you have mental health coach shared here. There are lots of sculpture heads available and all these parts look really interesting for people. I am looking here for more updates on that.

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I’m still not a fan of bags, but I can understand why a small company would use these, since packaging costs could drastically increase the price of toys. A bag and header card is a very inexpensive way to present the toys, and since these are direct sales only this system works. Still, I hope to see a packaging upgrade as the line grows.

The teeth fit together

The teeth fit together perfectly, and the movement is a little stiff as it should be, this is a display piece and not really a proper toy. The sculpting is incredibly crisp and looks like because, for all intents and purposes, it is an early prototype for a figure


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