The story behind "Action Plushies"

With every release I have had, there has been a story to it, just like with any other toy line, and with these plushies that is no different.

These plushies are actually toys of toys, if that makes any sense? When I made a Ston'emm action figure it was a plastic representation of the Ston'emm species from the planet Slauria. These plushies only exist as toys, which directly ties into my next project. What is that next project? Let me sum-up as it is a lot to explain quickly.

Over the last few years I have been finalizing a concept for a Role-Playing Game where players take toys (these can be plastic army men, plushies, action figures, etc..) and go on adventures using the inside of their own houses as the game world. In the universe of that gamr, some toys are alive, capable of moving and explore the world of humans in secret. There they search for materials to live their lives and journey to and from the mythical 'Toy World' that serves as a sanctuary to all living toys. 

These plush toys are from a fictitious Late-1980's toy line within the story of that game world called "Pocket Palz".  Each plushie has a pocket or pouch that can hold objects for the kids that owned them, OR small little companion plushies that were sold separately. In the toy RPG, other toys have taken to converting these plushies into a sort of exo-suit that smaller toys can pop inside and control (see photo comic below for more information):. 

Also, each Action Plushie will come with a piece of original artwork drawn by me and an official statistics card so you can use your plushie in my toy RPG when it is released in 2018. This makes these plushies extra special as they are all one-of-a-kind and will be unique when used during game play. 

Stay tuned later today and into tomorrow for more pictures as I lead up to the sale at 9pm Eastern time.


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In recent years, I have

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