Tectonisaur Ston'emm are here!! Place your pre-order now!

Hey guys!

I'm now excepting orders for my Tectonisaur Ston'emm Resin Glyos figure kits!! 

To order your Tectonisaur Ston'emm, simply e-mail me at bahglenncreations@gmail.com with the title "Tectonisaur Ston'emm" and specify what color you'd like. Right now the colors available are:

• Rig Crew Light Tan

• MotU Kobra Khan Green (so an Olive Green of sorts)

• Stone Gray

Each 7-piece Glyos figure kit is only $36.00, which considering the size of the figure when assembled, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. You will need Glyos parts to assemble your Tectonisaur, specifically to attach the arms to the shoulders and to attach the legs & tail to the torso. I made the parts with Hub Set Dome pieces in mind, but you can use whatever you like, just have fun with it! 

Also note: these pieces will come un-painted to give you the most customizing potential, the pictures shown are of the original sculpt I made.

As these are being made to order, we're not sitting on a pile of product like we've done in the past so expect 4-to-6 weeks for delivery while we're making the parts. So, for this release, we'll be excepting only 20 orders but will make more if the demand is there. 

Thanks again for your interest in my products, it's the fans of my work that keep me going and I'm always appreciative of your contributions.



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RE: Tectonisaur Ston'emm are here!! Place your pre-order now!

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