Thornoid: v1.3

I originally created the Thornoid as just a random alien head back in March/April of this year. I didn't have many glyos bodies for him, so he's been floating around on an exellis torso for a while. Today, I had a thought and ran with it giving him a more character-accurate torso and upper arms. This way, he looks more like one whole creature and not just an Exellis wearing a mask and vine gloves. I'll probabaly make his lower half one of these days, but for right now he's pretty cool as is IMO.

Check him out (OH & you can click the images to see them at their regular size if they appear squashed at all):

Thornoids: Humanoid Half Thorned Vines/Half Aliens
"A race of aliens with the genetic material of a thorned vine. Capable of growing larger when needed, or bulking themselves up with additional thorns and body mass. Their vine-like limbs can constrict to crush stone and deform soft metals. The green thorns all over their body are razor-sharp and secrete a poison that can paralyze a target for up to 10 minutes. Formidable in hand-to-hand fighting, they are often employeed as bouncers for various establishments and body guards to important individuals. The Thornoids were predominately found on the planet Slauria until the Shadohzan invasion. Now they are scattered throughout the Glyos System, taking root on any planet with fertile soil to try and restore their numbers."


Right Side


Left Side


Close-Up Right Side Angled View

Close-Up Left Side Angled View

Battle Pose!


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I was made at Thornoid as a out of context alien head back in April / April of this year. I don't have many glyos for him, so he's been floating on a very toy for a while. He liked academized review from us. Today, I advise and deal with it in giving it a more-torso and upper arms. In this way, it seems like a whole lot and not an Exellis version wearing a mask and vintage gloves. I would probably do half of it one of these days, but for now it is as cool as IMO.

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