Update! Details on Friday's Drop!!

Despite some minor setbacks, missing trains & late night sculpting sessions, we have some pictures to show you. Here are the details for this Friday's drop, September 13th:


Rokk'pot Ston'emm -Volkriun Assault Division (Metallic Dark Green with Metallic Purple eyes & Olive Green Cloth Scarf) $20

Rokk'pot Ston'emm -Standard (Gray with Green eyes & Black Cloth Scarf) $20

Rokk'pot Ston'emm -Pur'pullium Tribe (Translucent Pink/Purple with Yellow eyes & Dark Purple Cloth Scarf) $20


Lil'grinds Ston'emm Mini Companion Figure -Volkriun Assault Division (Metallic Dark Green with Metallic Purple eyes) $5

Lil'grinds Ston'emm Mini Companion Figure -Standard (Gray with Green eyes) $5

Lil'grinds Ston'emm Mini Companion Figure -Pur'pullium Tribe (Translucent Pink/Purple with Yellow eyes) $5


Photos of the Rokk'pots will be going up today or tomorrow, but for an idea of what the colors will look like here are some shots of the Lil'grinds:





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Nice post and interesting

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Wow. I am glad to see this

Wow. I am glad to see this post. Here are the details for this Friday's drop and some pictures are shared are beautiful. The Rokk'pot is one of the famous cartoon characters. Best CBD Oil for Sleep Thanks for sharing the post for us. I want more updates.

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