What happened to the Tectonisaur Ston'emm??

Well, that didn't quite go as planned. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the Tectonisaur Ston'emm went from being the next big (literally) figure here at Bah'glenn creations to the most complicated and long-term process I've ever dealt with. Needless to say, I'm holding back on making any more Tectonisaur kits for the time being while I find a new caster to work with and take it from there.

That mess aside, we are striving to bounce back from this headache and here are some recent bits of news:
• I'm a father! My wife gave birth to our first child, little Tobias on March 24th of this year. As of this entry he's just turned 3 months old & I love him to pieces. It is a very surreal experience to go from being the child of my parents to a parent myself. Needless to say my wife and I are exhausted but feeling very grateful with how everything turned out.
• On the afternoon of the 1st day of New York Comic Con 2013, Victor of Cassetteman Studios' air compressor broke thus forcing the resin production of Ston'emms to come to a screeching halt. Between now and then, with no new releases happening, my Ston'emm inventory began to dwindle and dwindle until there was nothing left leaving the store kinda empty right now.
During the resin casting process there can always be errors (large bubbles in the casting take away half of the part, small bubbles leave little holes, etc...) and during the Cassetteman Studios/Bah'glenn Creations team-up there were quite a few of these hiccups. As they were not all completely useless, I held onto them for use at a later date.
Enter: the Ston'emm Rock Quarry! Here while supplies last, you will have the opportunity to buy these resin bits at a reduced price. Lil'grinds, Ston'emm Heads & other assorted bits are available in the store along with a few Ston'emm figures that are also from the quarry.


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