Alien Mercenaries at New York Comic Con 2010

This was a very short photo comic I did while at New York Comic Con 2010! After the events of the Alien Mercenaries Fall Special #1 (click HERE for that story), this shows the 'Mercs at the Onell Design table 8 years ago. I had created this an maybe uploaded it to the October Toys Forums once, but that has since been lost to time.

So, seeing as New York Comic Con 2018 is going on right now (by the Gridge of Zacnoc has it be EIGHT YEARS already??), I felt it was as good a time as any to share these with you to read! It's a short one, roughly 7 panels or so, but still fun none the less!

In those end panels that was my shoe and pant-leg, as I was trying to be covert about taking pics for this comic and figured I'd double as an "extra" the 'Mercs could walk around as they are only 3" tall. I wish I had done more for this comic and really took them all over the con, but we had a lot of activity at the booth back then. As Greh'eck mentions, Matt just released Axis Joints at this con so this was the very first time ANY of us Glyos builders got our hands on these things. We kept joking random people would over here us say "I gotta go back to the Onell Design booth and get me another couple baggies of joints." and think we were buying drugs from them or something LOL. Hell, those axis joints were so amazing to build with, we were all hooked immediately.

I think I still have all the orignal photos for this little shoot, I will have to see if there were any other good shots of NYCC 2010 in there! Thanks to Evil Earwig aka Nemo of Nemo's Factory for letting me use his figures in this little story, Kranix for showing his dyed Gobons in a few shots and lastly to Ni from NiStuff for letting us play with his weird Armodoc bodied customs! Maybe one day the 'Mercs will make it to Designer Con?? 


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