Alien Mercenaries Return Episode 1

After 8 years the original Glyos photo comic with the aliens who are also mercenaries is back!!! 

Starting where things left off in season 2, the man called Porr'pul finally makes his debut. Be sure to catch up on all the previous episodes and enjoy!

Thanks for reading the 1st episode of Alien Mercenaries Return! Porr'pul was always planned as being a Season 2 character but due to life and other things, his episode never got written or shot but his character, figure and backstory remained. 

Back in 2010 in the October Toys forum days (I miss those old message boards...), I was teasing his appearance with this image: was never explained. Until today. So it feels really good to see him with the mercs finally, been a loooong time coming.




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