Alien Mercenaries Return Episode 3

Hope you enjoyed episode three of Alien Mercenaries Return! This was a fun episode to work on as it is the first time since Episode 23 of Season One that all 4 of the 'Mercs are together again. 

This episode is also important as it is the first time we have clarification that their are indeed giant humanoids on this planet. They suspected in Season One but Porr'pul confirmed it for them in this episode. 

Snee'grak's new build utilizes Canne'lantern hands and Canne'boid feet from an unreleased assortment back in 2012 which really gives him a much cooler, more Reptorrid look and feel. Essentially being just two Buildmen smooshed together with Pheyden hands and boots back in 2009, this is really the first time he gets a decent build. Expect more improvements to him as this season unfolds.

The end here is the lead up to a huge battle with a bunch of different Glyos races. Back in 2010, we only had Onell design stuff and Callgrim figures but in 8-9 years a LOT of new Glyos compatible lines have come out. This is going to be one doozy of a fight guys, stay tuned...


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