Alien Mercenaries Return Episode 4

This episode ends the 1-hr photo shoot I did a few weeks ago that started off Alien Mercenaries Return. I just kept snapping pictures and at the end about 54 in total were shot.

Some get tossed due to being too blurry, others because the angle of the shot was no good. In the end each episode had a different number of panels as I would try to end each one at a natural break or pause so that they all flow well.

This episode is brief but features the group interacting with Men'tohst who is speaking through one of the Zullen he enthralled. It also features a HUGE roster of Glyos figures for the first time in this series. When I started Alien Mercenaries in 2009, only Pheyden, Exellis, the Crayboth, Gobon, the Buildman and Phase Arms/Gobon Blasters were available. Now, nearly 10 years later the Glyoverse has gotten VERY crowded. So I too feel like I lost 8 years and the 'Mercs and me are exploring this crazy new world together again.

Next episode is going to be a HUGE battle scene that may be a first for this comic. Seldomly they have interacted with this many other beings let alone in a fight scenario. Like I say at the end of this episode, this is not one to be missed.


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