Alien Mercenaries Return Episode 7

Out of all the episodes in Alien Mercenaries Return this season, this was one of the most important ones. Here we finally learn how the Mercenaries got to Sol-3 and the ramifications to them being displaced by 125 years. 

I have known about this truth since Season 1 waaaaaay back in the summer of 2009, so FINALLY being able to tell this part of the story was very satisfying. This is also a more dramatic/emotional episode where we see Hurneff snap at Greh'eck after getting confirmation about how they got stuck here.

This is also another first for the comic in that a resin figure release is happening during it which allows me to feature them in the comic. My first resin release was the Canne'boids in August of 2011 a good year or so since I did any Alien Mercenaries photo shoots. But expect any future resin figure releases to be showcased in an episode from time to time.

Another fun part was digitally drawing a physical representation of B.O.O.C. for the 'Mercs to see and interact with. The design for B.O.O.C. came from the cover of one of my sketchbooks and that is where I got the name of him from. Check it out:


B.O.O.C. will play a valuable role this season, how has yet to be determined.


Great episode Chris, it was a

Great episode Chris, it was a little more emotional and serious but a great part of the overall story.

Thanks Acro!

This part of the story was years in the making, because they only find out it is a different year in Episode 20 of Season One while talking to Tri'bahl. When Snee'grak and then Zov'rass show up, that forces them to focus on defeating him instead of heading back to the ship.

Next episode will feature the Tohdians more prominently and explain how the world of Sol-3 has changed in 8 years, it's looking to be a good one!


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