Alien Mercenaries Return Episode Alien 2


Hope you enjoyed Episode 2 of Alien Mercenaries Return! The 4th wall breaking in this episode went up to 11 and Greh'eck is in his element that way. The key to good 4th wall breaking is to not do it too much, but when you do- try and make it funny. I hope I succeeded in that here. 

This was also my way to get Greh'eck an upgrade in a comical way and get rid of that poorly sculpted Battle Damaged Greh'eck I made for Season 2. For some reason, it was reeeeally hard for me to keep his eyes symmetrical on the battle damaged head and if you look you can clearly see how lopsided they are.

The last panel is a shout out to my buddy Marty "The GodBeast" Hansen who sold me that wicked Bat Armorvor head years ago. Jason Frailey sculpted it for them to sell and he is wicked good at it. During the shoot for this episode I had the figure nearby and felt I would include him as a gag. Hi Marty!!


The mercenaries return

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