Alien Mercenaries Season Two Episode 11

I hope you all enjoyed this episode! Having a use for all these extra un-used pictures was really something I felt I needed to do after I created Alien Mercenaries Return in June of 2018. I brought the 4 'Mercs back together and had to explain exactly why and how these events happened. 

Enter: Episode 11.

As I could find no notes on these pictures I can assume by the shots that it was meant to show what happened to Gorrrg the Hunter after he wakes up (because in season two episode 8 the narrator says he is merely unconcious- not dead) from being pushed out of the tree.

As I do not have any of the parts I used to build him anymore, I opted to just have him killed off and had Men'tohst take over his body to have a little exposition moment. It feels good to finish up this season after so many years and I felt this way really does help tie it into Alien Mercenaries Return.

I may still have other Lost Episodes to reveal, so keep your eyes peeled for more...


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