Alien Mercenaries VS the Canne'boids

(Note: This entire story, continuity-wise, takes place outside the photo-comic's continuity and is it's own unique entity continuously blurring the lines between the on-going series and the two Fall Specials.

The characters comment on events that happened in Season 1, break the 4th wall by saying they are in my apartment, acknowledge that they are made of plastic and generally just do whatever the heck they want while tracking the Canne'boids. This comic is a wacky romp and full of hilarity as well as serious moments.

Also of note is that the first seven panels of this comic were created in March of 2011 because of a delay in the Canne'boids release. It directly ties into the events of the August 2011 Alien Mercenaries VS The Canne'boids release photo comic so I opted to add it here so you all can experience this gigantic special episode in it's entirety.)


And there was the Alien Mercenaries VS the Canne'boids special! Du-O and his mercenaries will show up again in a very big way inside the pages of the Alien Mercenaries Fall Special #2, so be sure to check that out for sale in our store if you do not own a copy. 

(Note: While most of what went on in this special was wacky, the Nilgobians illegally taking Canne'boids from Slauria and Greh'eck's mom telling him about them are apart of the real Alien Mercenaries continuity.)


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