Comm. Grott & the P.C.C.: Ambush on Mt. Nuhoopshar- Part 1

Hope you enjoyed the beginning the 4-Part Comm. Grott & the Prutarran Criminal Catchers Mini-Series!! I created this photo comic while on vacation with my family in New Hampshire (hence: "Mt Nu-Hoop-Shar"...) back in August of 2010. I had no solid plans to create a photo comic while on vacation but brought some of my custom figures and did this pretty much on the fly.

This first part introduces us to the title character Commander Grott and a host of other good and bad guys. At the time this was the largest and most ambitious battle scene I ever shot for my photo comics with eleven characters in this battle. 

The large rock that was on the property struck me as the most immersive place to shoot this comic due to the narrow path in it and high walls. I edited nothing about this rock: it just naturally looked like that.


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