Comm. Grott & the P.C.C.: Ambush on Mt. Nuhoopshar- Part 2

Part 2 is where things really ramped up and got intense. At the time, this was thee most elaborate photo comic shoot I ever did- and not only because of the giant rock I used as a set. A few characters had aerial maneuvers, be it flying for Raye'deonn or jumping for N'erjakk, that needed to be in same way shown in the photos.

I did not have any clear thread or even a way to suspend it if I had, so I had to rely on a stick I found that perfectly fit inside the feet on those two figures. I would hold the stick and them in the shot, snap the photo & digitally remove the stick later. All the shots with characters flying or jumping are actually in the air and not super-imposed in anyway.

I beleive much of what happened during this shoot was improvised as I was away on vacation and only had a finite amount of Glyos stuff on hand to work with. Oyn'kurr was a brand new character that I sculpted while up there hence why his build/armor looks so hodge-podged.


Looking Good

Hey Chris, been really enjoying the new comics and the back story you provide on making them. I posted some things over on the glyos connection forum and even sent you anPM but like most others you probably don’t go there much anymore. Keep them coming!

Hey! Great to see you here!

So glad you got to check out the new stuff man! The new comics were a long time coming but it feels very satisfying to continue telling the story of these characters. The backstory I felt gives a little Behind-the-Scenes access to the readers and I like doing it because it refreshes my own memory when I read it haha! I will check our the Glyos connection forum and look at my in-box, I have not been there in a few weeks.


Can’t even spell my one name right!!


I just noticed that. Well I guess there could be an Afro Pheyden too, but I figured it was you.

I think it was funny how you, me & that other commenter were having this long dialogue in the comments section of the Onell blog LOL.


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