Comm. Grott & the P.C.C.: Ambush on Mt. Nuhoopshar- Part 3


Seeing part 3 finalized is a big accomplishment for me in numerous ways. Mainly because it has taken the better part of 8 years to sit down and continue telling this story I started back in summer of 2010. 

Now I will admit, as it has been SO many years between Parts 2 & 3, I forgot what dialogue was actually going to be said between these characters. I rarely write out a script before shooting a photo comic, & only recently started doing it as I came up with plot point ideas. But back in 2010? I had only just been doing it for a year when I shot the Ambush on Mt. Nuhoopshar Mini-Series so my story-telling skills were rather novice. 

Part 3 continues the fight between N'erjakk and Comm. Grott and showcases a character called C.O.B.-L, who was originally named "Com'pyl" as his body was compiled of numerous different parts. The word 'cobble', as in "They cobbled something together." fit more and I was able to make a cool acronym out of it. 

C.O.B.-L was unique because out of all the goons in Ol'fogee's employ, he was the only one to have absolutely no lines between Parts 1 & 2. This left me to pick a font to be unique to him and flesh him out as a character a bit. 

Part 3 was fun to finally complete and it brings me an immense sense of closure to continue working on this series again.


Good work

I’m really enjoying the miniseries, keep it up old friend. I’ll be back next Tuesday to see the conclusion.

Glad you liked it!

Good to see you over here Acro!! The conclusion this Monday will be good, make sure to pay extra attention to dialogue between the characters for it ties into the Alien Mercenaries comics especially in Alien Mercenaries Return!

קבוצת גבאי

Thankyou for this post. I like it and keep it up.
קבוצת גבאי

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