Comm. Grott & the P.C.C.: Ambush on Mt. Nuhoopshar- Part 4

I can not believe it took me the better part of 8 years to finally finish this comic. The plus side to this, is by putting it off has actually allowed me to add deeper story elements to it AND to directly tie in events to be revealed in Alien Mercenaries Return. 

This episode took the most work to write but I also had the most fun with it because of that. At 12 panels, there was a decent amount of action & dialogue which allowed alot of exposition from characters to the move the story along. 

So glad this comic is completed, now I can finally relax until the next project.


קבוצת גבאי

Thankyou for this post. I like it and keep it up.
קבוצת גבאי


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