Photo Comics: "Cold Hunt- Part 1"

*NOTE* This comic was inspired by 5 photos I took of a Polar Bear and blue-skinned alien having a battle outside in a nearby snow drift back in December of 2009 and early January of 2010. I had posted these pictures in the "Glyos Nature Shots" thread over on the October Toys Glyos message boards, but as that site shut down these have been lost to time: until today.

In the above photo, a Polar Bear Ani-M.A.U.L. leerily walks around the snowy arctic regions of his homeworld at night. An Ar'tokk hunting party has landed and all of his people are in danger.

Suddenly, the Ar'tokk strikes!! Firing a blast from his weapon, the polar bear man gets grazed, the force of the blast enough to knock him backwards and out of sight.

The next day, the Polar bear man wakes up, unsure of how much time has actually passed but his body aches from the fall and the near deadly shot he almost took.

Not smelling the Ar'tokk hunter, the Polar bear man breathes a sigh of relief. He will stay here, hidden, lick his wounds and rest to prepare for what may come. But he hears something walking nearby in the snow! 

A Battle Genedrone! Where did it come from?? No matter, it does not appear to detect the Ani-M.A.U.L. who keeps very quiet and still.

And now...the start of the comic:

And that was where the photo comic originally ended. I recieved enough feedback from people on the boards who wanted to see the story continue that I shot and wrote 2 more episodes. It was a LOT of fun to shoot in the snow and a small 2 foot pile of snow looks like the Antarctic to a 3" tall Glyos figure. Only downside is the figures get veeeery hard when they are cold so doing certain poses took time.


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