Photo Comics: "Cold Hunt- Part 2"

The caption in the above Title Panel is right- although who exactly those fans were may be just lost to time. Parts 2 and 3 were created because members of the October Toys Glyos message boards enjoyed part 1 and wanted to see how it would continue. So, since it was still cold and snowy outside, I took my figures up the block to another part of the big snow drifts I shot part 1 in and took a bunch more photos. I usually just take photos with a general idea in mind and then script the images with dialogue bubbles and narration boxes, and the same was done here.

Part 2 hasn't been made available since it's debut many years ago so read this and enjoy!






Shooting Parts 2 and 3 were a LOT of fun but not without some difficulty. You see, Glyos parts are very temperature sensitive, get them warm and they are very soft, pliable and easy to take apart. Get them cold? Hooo boy is it the opposite. And there were no Axis Joints or Swing Joints back then, so you have to pop a part out and re-insert the peg into a different socket with each knee bend. Not easy when its 30° outside. 

Also note that the wrist pieces and shoulder pads on the Polar Bear Ani-M.A.U.L. are changing color and getting a darker shade of blue throughout the first and second episodes. These were parts from a special Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster 2-pack set from back in 2010. They were tossed into orders as freebies by Onell Design and are made of special cold sensitive PVC plastic. It was a great idea, but as Glyos PVC's weakness is extreme cold, it made these parts brittle. I dropped a figure augmented with some of these bits and one of the pegs just snapped right off. It's my guess that this side-effect was why Matt & co never released them again. But they are a fun piece in Glyos history!


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