Alien Mercenaries Fall Special 2012 & Halloween Special 2012

Item Description

This is a photocomic featuring the debut of the new custom figures and characters, the Ston'emms. In this story you see a continuation of the Alien Mercenaries Universe that was a NYCC exclusive for 2012 which we are now bringing to you all online. This issue is particularly special as it contains character bios, a breakdown of the creation of the Ston'emm, and even a secondary Halloween story!

• Cover art drawn & Colored by Jared DeCosta

• Sculpted Character Designs & Story created by Christopher A. Negri

• Ston'emm figure casting done by Jeremy Sung of SpyMonkey Creations

• Glyos Toys provided and created by Matt Doughty of Onell Design

First Printing, October 2012. Alien Mercenaries Fall Special #2
First Printing, October 2012. Halloween Special #1
First Printing, October 2012. Behind the Scenes at Bah'glenn Creations: Ston'emm
All Rights Reserved by Christopher A. Negri, 2012

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