Blue Skin Canne'myte

Item Description

First made available in extremely limited numbers at New York Comic Con 2012, the Canne'myte was re-designed, re-sculpted and brought into 2018! Sculpted by Chris Negri and then molded & cast by Victor Durango, this is their first return to resin since October of 2012. Beware the bite of the Canne'myte!

Each Blue Skin Canne'boid has these features:

• 4 Points of Articulation (Shoulders, Head & Waist)!

• Stands 2.25" tall!

• 5 Resin parts held together by 1 production PVC Glyos piece (Head, eyes, 2 arms and a pelvis/legs piece)!

• Brown faux fur featured on the original August 2011 blue Canne'boids release!

• Green Light-Piped eyes with exposed brain!!

• Warriors of Slauria: Savage Swamps cardback with story, bio card & stats to use your Canne'myte with The Secret World of Toyeboxia Role-Playing Game!

• Ages 15+ due to small parts