Stingstriker the Action Plushie

Item Description

Half scorpion, half lizard Stingstriker is more then a match for the toys in your collection! Mighty mandibles, powerful pinchers and a sinister stinger will make others think twice before tackling this scary scorpion!

Features include:

- 10 inches tall!

- 20 inch long tail!

- Pincers can grasp opponents!

- Stinger tail can "strike" foes!

- FIVE Points of Articulation!

- Pocket Palz pocket on his back to hide your special treasures OR to put an action figure and ride him into battle!

- 100% Hand-Sewn: NO sewing machine used!

- 100% Original Design by Bah'glenn Creations: Never before seen and made special for this for release just for YOU!